I am amazed at what we can use it for

I am amazed at what we can use it for

Dear Avi,
Thank you for concern. My mother is still with us and we are so grateful for the connections we are able to make with her by using the Nucleus tablet. We are able to visit with her in person now, however the tablet has become such a useful tool, I am amazed at what we can use it for. When we are not physically with my mother we use it to calm her by speaking with her, by playing music to her and even praying together. My nephew who is serving overseas in the air force was able to speak to his grandmother and make them both happy. Grandchildren from many states are able to see and communicate with her. This has been a tremendous help to my family. The support from staff has been almost instantaneous and always kind and caring. Thank you so much for your help during this incredibly difficult time.



Testimonial By: Susan
Tuesday 26 May, 2020