Our Mission

A Message From Our CEO

March 31, 2020

Earlier this month, I took over as CEO at NucleusCare, a technology company dedicated to making tech available to those who are not comfortable using typical devices. For years, we have been partnering with other organizations who serve the senior community & other agencies whose clients don’t use traditional tablets and smartphones.

Immediately after taking over the company, the world changed with the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak. Watching the news, I saw family members in tears not able to communicate with their loved ones. For most people, their tablets & smartphones became immediate lifelines, allowing them to stay connected to work, school, and loved ones. The problem was instantly clear to the NucleusCare team, so many of our most vulnerable loved ones became disconnected & we had a solution.

Under normal circumstances, pivoting a company to sell direct to the customer should take months of careful planning. The NucleusCare Team has worked tirelessly to make our platform available directly to the customer in only ten short days.

Our mission is to make sure that no one is disconnected from their loved ones especially during such trying times. I am so proud of the NucleusCare Team for rising to this challenge so quickly & efficiently.

My team and I wish you and your families strength and health as we navigate through this incredibly challenging time, we are in this together and we will get through this together.

Avi Rosman

Chief Executive Officer