Frequently Asked Questions

Electricity and a WiFi or Ethernet connection

Because so many people are cut off from their loved ones now we made the decision to make the service available direct to consumer.

A notification will be left on your phone saying she tried to reach you..

NucleusCare is designed for those who are not comfortable with traditional technology and get easily frustrated. It is simple so that ANYONE can use it.

NucleusCare doesn’t require any passwords and has a very simple design. To call a loved one all the user does is touch a photo.

When the NucleusCare device ships an SMS will be sent to the mobile number provided during the ordering process. The family member will download the app (Android/iOS) and be able to log in. Additional family members can be added directly from the app.

Many in the older generation dislike technology and do not want to be around it. When the NucleusCare device goes to sleep it transitions to a digital photo frame. Family members can upload photos directly from the mobile care app.

In order to always be connected and reachable, we built in two ways for customers to keep their units powered: DC power (provided) and power over ethernet (POE). Nucleus devices do not contain internal batteries.

At this time NucleusCare is only available within the United States.